Friday, 29 December 2017

It’s All in a Day’s Work - A House or a Home?

I think that the wharepuni is the same thing as your own house. The reason why its that it is the same because, you could storage food in you cardboard and also your refrigerate. Like a wharepuni. I want to say this question, dose a wharepuni have a refrigerate?

Oh I just forgotten, Hello blogger world and today i'm going to talk about, if a wharepuni is the same as your own house. I think it is the same thing as you house because it tells you that you could sleep in there. Some people could also say another reason.

By Daniel. C

Thank you for reading and I'll blog you later and also have a GREAT AND HAPPY New year. BYE!!!

Monday, 25 December 2017

Some days i'll be a true Waka Ama racer

Kia ora bloggers today im going talk about the Waka racers. But it is a little bit different. I have to talk about me if why or not if I want to be a Waka Ama racer. When I was little I haven't heard about a Waka racer. I would like to be a Waka Ama racer because it has a lot of strength in it. My true dream was to be  a animal aid but I wanted to be a Waka Ama racer.

When I watched a video of the Waka Ama race it looked really really hard. But some people say they do it from there heart and for there team.

Thank you bloggers for reading what I want to be and i'll comment you later, BYE!!

In the Beginning (1800-1870) - Activity Two

Story Teller

Hola blogger world and today i'm going to talk about MORE facts about the beginning. Did you know the first settles sailed a boat to a far country that is called New Zealand. The name of the boat was called a Waka.

First Person Teller
When I was in the boat I felt that there was butterflies flying around my stomach. When we arrived to this Beautiful island that was called New Zealand, it was like heaven.  When I step of the Waka and I took my first step on the sand it was like a soft cloud.

Thank you blogger world for reading and I will blog you later BYE!!

Friday, 22 December 2017

In the Beginning (1800-1870) - Activity One

 Facts about the people who Arrived in New Zealand.

Kia ora Bloggers, and today i'm going to talk about (The beginning in 1800 and 1870). Did you know that the fist people that went to New Zealand was from Polynesia. People from other places may think that they went in New Zealand over for 700 years ago, "OH! MY! GOSH!" There culture was Maori. WOW!! They are from many many MANY countries, Unbelievable.

Facts About Maui.
There was a SPECIAL man that was maybe a myth and his was MAUI. I'm going to write down 3 facts about MAUI.

Fact - One  / There is a story about Maui and he had to capture the sun with his brothers, and the way how he captured it is with there hooks.

Fact - Two  / Did you know they putted in Maui in a Disney movie well as was called Moana. 

Fact - Three  / Did you also know that Maui was a part of the gods.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

DC Quick Write: I'm Little...But I'm a Great Winner T4 Wk 8

When I was wandering through the massive big beautiful forest, I was eating my nuts on a branch. KKKKR as the eagle spotted me eating my nuts then I started to run so fast through the long branches. I was so so so TERRIFIED!! When he was chasing me and I felt that a ghost was chasing me but it was a big big eagle. When I was running he was catching up to me then I dodged every branch. The eagle couldn't get me because there was lots of beaches in his way. Suddenly he found a way to get me but suddenly I found a nest. I quickly dashed in the nest and tried to find a way where to escape.


PEAK!  PERK!  PEAK!! As the eagle tryed to get me in the nest but then something happened to the nest in the bottom of me.  

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Day 3 - Buying your ticket

Kia ora bloggers and today i´m going to talk about air plane NZ. I´m going to show a video at the end of my writing. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Air Canada, Air NZ, Air Asia, Emirates has different  style and sometimes chairs in each of there air planes. Did you know that many many MANY airlines are flying across the world. The First thing you will need to  get is a ticket to go in any airline planes.

For the people who dont know how to get in or buy ticket here are some tips

  • Check in First
  • Buy your ticket
  • wait until the time come
  • give your

Know you know how the Airline works.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Thinking critically - Bull fight in Spain

Kia ora blogger world and today i´m going to talk about a man that killed a bull in Spain. Not everyone supports bullfighting in Spain. Did you know that there is 30% of the population want it to be banned stopped, completely. Sometimes most tall men fight in a ball fight. there are some women who also compete in the sport. There was a man that was very brave to go an have a bull fight with a very big tough bull.

Here are some more facts about the man who entered a bull fight.

By Daniel and Blog you later.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Practice - England

Hello blogger world and today i ´m going to talk about England that is in the UK. Did you know there are 53.1 million people in England. England has 9 public holidays and they also dont celebrate there national birthday. England is located in the borders Scotland in the North wales. England is also part of the UK and they also have 53.1 million people. there main city's are London, Liverpool, Brimming, Norwich, York. England has National sports that is called cricket, rugby union , rugby league, netball, soccer and field hockey.

England is part of the UK.
Here is a link to more facts about England.

Summer Learning Journey Practice - Germany

Hello Bloggers and today in gong to talk about Germany. Germany is a very nice place to stay but sometimes there could be earthquake. Germany is located in western central Europe. Did you know that Germany has 81.1 million people in there country. Germany has 16 states and there main city's are called Berlin and the capital is called Munich and Germany is a very very good place.Did you also know that Germany has 10 public holidays and it is on 3 October. There ethnic mix are German, European and other.

Did you also know that Germany has national sports and they are called Football (soccer), Golf, Ice hockey, basketball, Motorsport, Handball, Tennis, skinning.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Summer Learning Journey Practice - Japan

Namaste bloggers and today i´ m going to talk about Japan. Japan is located in the pacific ocean. Japan also have four massive islands that is called Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu. Japan is also located in the east of china and Russia and china and Korea. Japan also has 127.1 million people in japan. Japan main city's are called Tokyo and the capitals of Japan is called Kyoto, Hiroshima, Sendai and Osaka. Japan has 16 national holidays and they also celebrate on 11 of February. Japans money is called Yen. Japan has national and they are called sumo wrestling, Baseball, football - Soccer, judo, karate, kendo. 

Here is a link to more facts about Japan

Summer Learning Journey Practice - Malaysia

Kia ora bloggers today i´m going to talk about Malaysia. Malaysia is found in Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. There main city's are Kuala Lump and also the capital of Malaysia is Putrajaya. Did you know that there are 27.1 million people in Malaysia. There are 14 National holidays and they all start on the 16 of September. Malaysia money is called Ringgit. There national sports are field hockey, rugby union, badminton, volleyball, handball, basketball and mixed marital arts.

Malaysia is a wonderful and beautiful place because it has everything but not everything. Malaysia is one of a kind. It has massive buildings and massive planes you know that. Malaysia temperature is 27 Celsius. Malaysia has 13 states in there island and also they have three federal Territories.

Here is a link to more facts about Malaysia. The Video might not work

Orienteering with Leon and Irene

Kia Ora Blogger wold and today i'm going to talk more about Orienteering. YAY!! When we were waiting we thought that Leon will come inside, but then he was waiting out side. Suddenly he came in and he said to Miss Fortes, ¨Do you still have the clip card¨. So Miss Fortes went out to the office to go an check if they still had the clip card. She came back with some clip cards so everything was alright. So Leon was talking about a lady called Irene and she was a person that was from Russia. 

So Leon took us to the hall steps and I just forgotten that he gave us the clip cards to us. Each map had other letters and the letter that I and my buddy Devanti had was I and we went to find it. But we had to go and say hi to Irene. Leon told us that one of us had to go and run to stable each control but this time Irene timed us. It was really really hard but unleast we came second. 

Thank you for reading, Blog you later.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Summer Learning Journey practise - Canada

Kia ora bloggers and today i´m going to talk about this awesome countries called Canada. Did you know that Canada has 10 holidays and they also have celebration. They celebrate on July the 1st and they call the celebration a Canada day.  At Canada it is very cold but sometimes it is hot, and when you get closer down it will start to get more colder.

 The cold temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and feather you go north it will get colder and colder and the temperature will change into 50 degrees Celsius.In Canad there is lots of fun thing you could do like cannoning around the beach and other places. Canada has two official languages  - English and French. They also have 35.9 million people in Canada. 

This is why I chosen Canada!

Friday, 17 November 2017


Kia ora Bloggers, today i'm going to talk about orienteering.
Leon was the best coach I ever had. He had teached us lots of thing about orienteering and maps, also symbols. When we were waiting I through that we were going to do the same thing as we did last Thursday, but when he came in we all were existed to see him, but he was holding these tick tac cans in the plastic bag. Some of us said theses look like tick tac cans and when he showed us the can he said it was going to be even harder.

When he was talking he was talking about the tick tac cans and he said that we have to get in our same pears then go out with the map and a tic tac can. One of us had to hide the tic tac on the spot where it shows on the map. Then the pear comes back and give the map to the other pear so he could find it.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Minecraft Themes roll a die

Hey Bloggers
Today i'm going to talk about my Minecraft roll a dice. Devanti, Raden, and I we were working on a google drawing and it took a long time to put in the shapes. It all started when me and Devanti was doing the minecraft and then Raden suddenly wanted to join us and then all the stuff got faster and faster.  

When we were finished our work we were talking that if we could finished of our landscape drawing. When we were work on our landscape we had to draw it on our red book and it was really easier to draw on.


When Pohatu class was learning how to speak Korean our best teacher Miss Fortes told us that we were going to eat Korean food on Wednesday. Some of my friends said that they were excited to eat the Korean food. On Wednesday and I was playing around on morning teat but suddenly someone came in a really nice car. When she came into the school she looked like she was the one of the people who was delivering the food to us.

When I went up to the basketball hoop I looked really closely and she was the one who had bought us a lot of Korean food. Miss Fortes chose the people to help her to carry the box of food and they were actually doing fine and excellent. The people who helped was Andrew, Jeremiah, Dani. Amanda, Hinemoa, Genete, Kartia, Haydiya, Aliza, Veronica and Arum.

Friday, 27 October 2017

language features

This week I have been using a range of language features to help make my writing more descriptive. Some language features we have been talking about are similes, metaphors, personification and onomatopoeia.

This is one of my favourite sentences from my writing this week

I can smell victory when I got a goal. I can feel the wind WHOOSHING!!! Through my spine. I can hear the people cheering YOU COULD DO IT!! The sound of the people cheering it made me get a goal. CLUTCH CLUTCH!!  At the same time I got a goal on the soft grass. BANG BANG while I got two goals.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Crazy world of sciences

Hello blogger world and today I had a crazy day.
The crazy day was that a crazy sciencest  came in and everyone got surprised. The things that i'm going to tell you is that i'm going to tell you about the grain powder. Inside the bottle of powder is grain and you will also need a liter.

The sciencesest told us to not keep your eyes off and don't blink, also people got tired when he always say "don't keep your eyes off and don't blink." It was amazing when he did some tricks and I thought he was from another planet. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The last Skate boarding

Kia ora
Hello blogger world and today i'm going to talk about my last skateboarding. My three friends told me that I was on the day that we were going to have some skateboarding. My three friends name was Andrew and Devanti and also Raden. When we went into the hall we saw our coaches and there name was Aiden and Martin. 

Some people said that why dose the girls go first to get there gear and there skateboard. My friends wanted to go now but Martin and Aiden had to tell us the rules again because some of us forgot how to ride and also how to balance. My friend Andrew he said to me that you can't ride and then when we teach him he got much more better.

Monday, 11 September 2017


Hello blogger world,
Today i'm going to talk about what my class did. They did planting and it sounded like it was fun and I was really shocked when my friend told me. They had to use a measuring cup and solid. They also had to use water and the sun light so it can grow.

My class Pohatu has been working on these beautiful flowers and they were inside a little pot. Mrs Fortes bought them from the new world. The plants are called little garden and I've seen them on the TV.  Mrs Fortes bought them in this big box and it had little gardens inside and the solid wasn't inside so they put some solid inside.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The marvelous zoo trip

Hello blogger world!

 Today I'm going to talk about our zoo trip and also it was so awesome. My favorite thing was looking at the Meerkat. Did you know that there are two tunnels and also when you go through you can watch them better and it looked very nice and comfortable.

The thing I don't like about the zoo is that it smells and also they look scary. That was my first time and I was very happy that I went to the zoo. When I saw the elephant it looked like it was in the TV.  

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Egg time

Today I was so happy because we had to wait until the egg arrives. We had to wait until Monday because that is the day when the egg came. When the eggs came it came in a incubator and also there was a brooder and the eggs looked like a super market egg. The incubator makes the egg warm and also the temperature has to be 37.7. The best thing was that I get to be a egg monitor and the things we had to do is to fill up the water and check if the eggs are hatching probable.

When I was looking at the eggs it looked so cute and then CRACK I just sour a crack on the egg and I was so excited. The next morning I came in it was nearly cracking open and I went to tell Mrs Fortes and she kind of looked shocked. When we were listening to the people who is doing there toolkit I heard that someone saw the egg hatching. When I went closer it was starting to break out and when I moved closer it cam out and it was so cute.

I couldn't believe myself  because that was my first time looking at a little chick. It took three days for the eggs to hatch and the other day we had to put them in the brooder. They were playing around the brooder and I wanted to stay there but I had to do my work instead.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Michael Jackson footstep

Kia ora

Today we had to do a dance with Kate and she taught us about how Michael Jackson danced. The name of the dance was called "Starting Something." The first step was clicking our fingers and doing the moon walk. The next step was to isolate our legs and arms. The challenging thing was how to isolate my knees and also doing the whole dance. All we want is to let Kate comes more often to teach us so we can practice and practice to make it better just like Michael Jackson.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Teaching the juniors in Bishop class

Tuakana means that a person that is older and Teina means that it is a younger persong that has to listen to the Tuakana.

First we discussed how to be effective Tuakana. I learned that I have to show the Teina the right things and show them how to be respectful.

The biggest challenge I came across was telling them how to listen and telling them how to sit up.

Next week I am looking forward to show them new things like looking at the person who is talking also put your hands to yourself and use kind words to each other every time.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Hello bloggers

On Wednesday I had the funnest day and my first activity was dun planting and it was fun. The first thing we had to do is dig a hole with a shuvle. The seconded thing is to go and find a spot and when you find a spot you have to dig really deep. After you that go and get your tablet and your plant and firstly you have to put the tablet in first and then you put the plant in. My favorite activity was archery because it was very fun with me. The hard thing about it is that you have to pull it back very hard. When I let go of the arrow it surprised me and when I looked at the board I got it on the yellow color.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Click here
Hello bloggers

That was my link how to embed a link to your blog and it was a little bit hard for me and thank you for watching tutorial.

Monday, 3 July 2017

My Multilink cube

I've been using multilink cubes and I had to think how I would know where I put it. Suddenly Via came and did all of the cubes and I did the writing and coloring.  The red was the top and the green was front and the last one is orange and it was the right side. 

Friday, 16 June 2017

Ports of Auckland Trip

Morena bloggers
Today we had a great adventure and we went on a ferry. Firstly we went on a bus to the city and we walked around and we stopped at this amazing place and we had some lunch there. We weren't allowed to touch the equipment because we were resilient. Some of us tried to stay away from it but we didn't and when we were finished we went back and we waited.

When we finished waiting there was a man that came and a women. The man name was Ryan and the women name was Alexandra. They were telling us about the rules and everything and lots of people asked questions to Ryan. When the massive boat came there were two boats carrying them so they can balance.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Kia Toa performance

 Hello and welcome to my blog.
Today it was my lucky day and do you know what my lucky day was? There was a very brave man and he was resilient he traveled everywhere. His name was Bernard Mangakahia and he performance a dance and that dance was could a sa sa dance. He also did a broom dance and we had to do it with him but is was so funny. He told us a story about his grandma and his dad in law.
His real dad was in the New Zealand army and he actually survive. He tough us to be like a hero but not like a super hero and he was like a resilient man and he climbed a very big and long mountain. He showed us a fire dace to us and it was amazing. The best thing I liked is that he was travled like around the hole world and that was amazing. He was a great man do you know how long he had to do the fire dance? He did it for like 8 years that was long but at last he tried his best.
      Thank you for reading my awesome work and feel free to comment on my blog, blog you later.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Emdedding a google drawing

Talofa my fellow bloggers. Today iv'e been learning how to learn to embed my google drawing and post it in my blog. This was challenging because I forgotten how to post it and don't how what was the first thing to do.  I really enjoyed blogging because it is fun and potting my blog with each teachers.

This is my google drawing that I created. It was hard to make./>

Saturday, 8 April 2017

My mum and me

This is me and my mom and she works hard for us and my dad.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Old days

I still remember this day this day was so so fun. We have to make cookies for the molly green festival.