Saturday, 25 December 9999

My learning post

This is my video and about my learning and about me and Iv told you what I did for my learning and it was 
my memes and my haka poem and my swimming lesson.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

DC Quick Write: I'm Little...But I'm a Great Winner T4 Wk 8

When I was wandering through the massive big beautiful forest, I was eating my nuts on a branch. KKKKR as the eagle spotted me eating my nuts then I started to run so fast through the long branches. I was so so so TERRIFIED!! When he was chasing me and I felt that a ghost was chasing me but it was a big big eagle. When I was running he was catching up to me then I dodged every branch. The eagle couldn't get me because there was lots of beaches in his way. Suddenly he found a way to get me but suddenly I found a nest. I quickly dashed in the nest and tried to find a way where to escape.


PEAK!  PERK!  PEAK!! As the eagle tryed to get me in the nest but then something happened to the nest in the bottom of me.  

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Day 3 - Buying your ticket

Kia ora bloggers and today i´m going to talk about air plane NZ. I´m going to show a video at the end of my writing. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Air Canada, Air NZ, Air Asia, Emirates has different  style and sometimes chairs in each of there air planes. Did you know that many many MANY airlines are flying across the world. The First thing you will need to  get is a ticket to go in any airline planes.

For the people who dont know how to get in or buy ticket here are some tips

  • Check in First
  • Buy your ticket
  • wait until the time come
  • give your

Know you know how the Airline works.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Thinking critically - Ball fight in Spain

Kia ora blogger world and today i´m going to talk about a man that killed a bull in Spain. Not everyone supports bullfighting in Spain. Did you know that there is 30% of the population want it to be banned stopped, completely. Sometimes most tall men fight in a ball fight. there are some women who also compete in the sport. There was a man that was very brave to go an have a bull fight with a very big tough bull.

Here are some more facts about the man who entered a bull fight.

By Daniel and Blog you later.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Practice - England

Hello blogger world and today i ´m going to talk about England that is in the UK. Did you know there are 53.1 million people in England. England has 9 public holidays and they also dont celebrate there national birthday. England is located in the borders Scotland in the North wales. England is also part of the UK and they also have 53.1 million people. there main city's are London, Liverpool, Brimming, Norwich, York. England has National sports that is called cricket, rugby union , rugby league, netball, soccer and field hockey.

England is part of the UK.
Here is a link to more facts about England.

Summer Learning Journey Practice - Germany

Hello Bloggers and today in gong to talk about Germany. Germany is a very nice place to stay but sometimes there could be earthquake. Germany is located in western central Europe. Did you know that Germany has 81.1 million people in there country. Germany has 16 states and there main city's are called Berlin and the capital is called Munich and Germany is a very very good place.Did you also know that Germany has 10 public holidays and it is on 3 October. There ethnic mix are German, European and other.

Did you also know that Germany has national sports and they are called Football (soccer), Golf, Ice hockey, basketball, Motorsport, Handball, Tennis, skinning.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Summer Learning Journey Practice - Japan

Namaste bloggers and today i´ m going to talk about Japan. Japan is located in the pacific ocean. Japan also have four massive islands that is called Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu. Japan is also located in the east of china and Russia and china and Korea. Japan also has 127.1 million people in japan. Japan main city's are called Tokyo and the capitals of Japan is called Kyoto, Hiroshima, Sendai and Osaka. Japan has 16 national holidays and they also celebrate on 11 of February. Japans money is called Yen. Japan has national and they are called sumo wrestling, Baseball, football - Soccer, judo, karate, kendo. 

Here is a link to more facts about Japan