Sunday, 25 September 9707

My learning post

This is my video and about my learning and about me and Iv told you what I did for my learning and it was 
my memes and my haka poem and my swimming lesson.

Friday, 29 December 2017

It’s All in a Day’s Work - A House or a Home?

I think that the wharepuni is the same thing as your own house. The reason why its that it is the same because, you could storage food in you cardboard and also your refrigerate. Like a wharepuni. I want to say this question, dose a wharepuni have a refrigerate?

Oh I just forgotten, Hello blogger world and today i'm going to talk about, if a wharepuni is the same as your own house. I think it is the same thing as you house because it tells you that you could sleep in there. Some people could also say another reason.

By Daniel. C

Thank you for reading and I'll blog you later and also have a GREAT AND HAPPY New year. BYE!!!

Monday, 25 December 2017

Some days i'll be a true Waka Ama racer

Kia ora bloggers today im going talk about the Waka racers. But it is a little bit different. I have to talk about me if why or not if I want to be a Waka Ama racer. When I was little I haven't heard about a Waka racer. I would like to be a Waka Ama racer because it has a lot of strength in it. My true dream was to be  a animal aid but I wanted to be a Waka Ama racer.

When I watched a video of the Waka Ama race it looked really really hard. But some people say they do it from there heart and for there team.

Thank you bloggers for reading what I want to be and i'll comment you later, BYE!!

In the Beginning (1800-1870) - Activity Two

Story Teller

Hola blogger world and today i'm going to talk about MORE facts about the beginning. Did you know the first settles sailed a boat to a far country that is called New Zealand. The name of the boat was called a Waka.

First Person Teller
When I was in the boat I felt that there was butterflies flying around my stomach. When we arrived to this Beautiful island that was called New Zealand, it was like heaven.  When I step of the Waka and I took my first step on the sand it was like a soft cloud.

Thank you blogger world for reading and I will blog you later BYE!!

Friday, 22 December 2017

In the Beginning (1800-1870) - Activity One

 Facts about the people who Arrived in New Zealand.

Kia ora Bloggers, and today i'm going to talk about (The beginning in 1800 and 1870). Did you know that the fist people that went to New Zealand was from Polynesia. People from other places may think that they went in New Zealand over for 700 years ago, "OH! MY! GOSH!" There culture was Maori. WOW!! They are from many many MANY countries, Unbelievable.

Facts About Maui.
There was a SPECIAL man that was maybe a myth and his was MAUI. I'm going to write down 3 facts about MAUI.

Fact - One  / There is a story about Maui and he had to capture the sun with his brothers, and the way how he captured it is with there hooks.

Fact - Two  / Did you know they putted in Maui in a Disney movie well as was called Moana. 

Fact - Three  / Did you also know that Maui was a part of the gods.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

DC Quick Write: I'm Little...But I'm a Great Winner T4 Wk 8

When I was wandering through the massive big beautiful forest, I was eating my nuts on a branch. KKKKR as the eagle spotted me eating my nuts then I started to run so fast through the long branches. I was so so so TERRIFIED!! When he was chasing me and I felt that a ghost was chasing me but it was a big big eagle. When I was running he was catching up to me then I dodged every branch. The eagle couldn't get me because there was lots of beaches in his way. Suddenly he found a way to get me but suddenly I found a nest. I quickly dashed in the nest and tried to find a way where to escape.


PEAK!  PERK!  PEAK!! As the eagle tryed to get me in the nest but then something happened to the nest in the bottom of me.  

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Day 3 - Buying your ticket

Kia ora bloggers and today i´m going to talk about air plane NZ. I´m going to show a video at the end of my writing. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Air Canada, Air NZ, Air Asia, Emirates has different  style and sometimes chairs in each of there air planes. Did you know that many many MANY airlines are flying across the world. The First thing you will need to  get is a ticket to go in any airline planes.

For the people who dont know how to get in or buy ticket here are some tips

  • Check in First
  • Buy your ticket
  • wait until the time come
  • give your

Know you know how the Airline works.