Saturday, 25 December 9999

My learning post


This is my video and about my learning and about me and Iv told you what I did for my learning and it was 
my memes and my haka poem and my swimming lesson.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Crazy world of sciences

Hello blogger world and today I had a crazy day.
The crazy day was that a crazy sciencest  came in and everyone got surprised. The things that i'm going to tell you is that i'm going to tell you about the grain powder. Inside the bottle of powder is grain and you will also need a liter.

The sciencesest told us to not keep your eyes off and don't blink, also people got tired when he always say "don't keep your eyes off and don't blink." It was amazing when he did some tricks and I thought he was from another planet. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The last Skate boarding

Kia ora
Hello blogger world and today i'm going to talk about my last skateboarding. My three friends told me that I was on the day that we were going to have some skateboarding. My three friends name was Andrew and Devanti and also Raden. When we went into the hall we saw our coaches and there name was Aiden and Martin. 

Some people said that why dose the girls go first to get there gear and there skateboard. My friends wanted to go now but Martin and Aiden had to tell us the rules again because some of us forgot how to ride and also how to balance. My friend Andrew he said to me that you can't ride and then when we teach him he got much more better.

Monday, 11 September 2017


Hello blogger world,
Today i'm going to talk about what my class did. They did planting and it sounded like it was fun and I was really shocked when my friend told me. They had to use a measuring cup and solid. They also had to use water and the sun light so it can grow.

My class Pohatu has been working on these beautiful flowers and they were inside a little pot. Mrs Fortes bought them from the new world. The plants are called little garden and I've seen them on the TV.  Mrs Fortes bought them in this big box and it had little gardens inside and the solid wasn't inside so they put some solid inside.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The marvelous zoo trip

Hello blogger world!

 Today I'm going to talk about our zoo trip and also it was so awesome. My favorite thing was looking at the Meerkat. Did you know that there are two tunnels and also when you go through you can watch them better and it looked very nice and comfortable.

The thing I don't like about the zoo is that it smells and also they look scary. That was my first time and I was very happy that I went to the zoo. When I saw the elephant it looked like it was in the TV.  

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Egg time

Today I was so happy because we had to wait until the egg arrives. We had to wait until Monday because that is the day when the egg came. When the eggs came it came in a incubator and also there was a brooder and the eggs looked like a super market egg. The incubator makes the egg warm and also the temperature has to be 37.7. The best thing was that I get to be a egg monitor and the things we had to do is to fill up the water and check if the eggs are hatching probable.

When I was looking at the eggs it looked so cute and then CRACK I just sour a crack on the egg and I was so excited. The next morning I came in it was nearly cracking open and I went to tell Mrs Fortes and she kind of looked shocked. When we were listening to the people who is doing there toolkit I heard that someone saw the egg hatching. When I went closer it was starting to break out and when I moved closer it cam out and it was so cute.

I couldn't believe myself  because that was my first time looking at a little chick. It took three days for the eggs to hatch and the other day we had to put them in the brooder. They were playing around the brooder and I wanted to stay there but I had to do my work instead.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Michael Jackson footstep

Kia ora

Today we had to do a dance with Kate and she taught us about how Michael Jackson danced. The name of the dance was called "Starting Something." The first step was clicking our fingers and doing the moon walk. The next step was to isolate our legs and arms. The challenging thing was how to isolate my knees and also doing the whole dance. All we want is to let Kate comes more often to teach us so we can practice and practice to make it better just like Michael Jackson.