Friday, 29 December 2017

It’s All in a Day’s Work - A House or a Home?

I think that the wharepuni is the same thing as your own house. The reason why its that it is the same because, you could storage food in you cardboard and also your refrigerate. Like a wharepuni. I want to say this question, dose a wharepuni have a refrigerate?

Oh I just forgotten, Hello blogger world and today i'm going to talk about, if a wharepuni is the same as your own house. I think it is the same thing as you house because it tells you that you could sleep in there. Some people could also say another reason.

By Daniel. C

Thank you for reading and I'll blog you later and also have a GREAT AND HAPPY New year. BYE!!!


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  2. Tena koe Daniel,

    You are right, being able to sleep in a house and wharepuni is definitely a similarity they share. Perhaps next time you could talk about comparing the outside features that may be similar between your home and a wharepuni and maybe include some pictures.

    I’ve slept in a wharepuni before with a whole lot of other people when I went to a big and very long hui (meeting). Have you ever been in or slept in a wharepuni? If yes, let me know about anything you might’ve noticed about the wharenui you visited. If you haven't maybe you could do a little bit of research about wharenui to find out more.

    You’ve talked about one similarity your home and a wharepuni share. I’d love to give you full points for this activity so if you could edit your post to share one more similarity and two differences that the activity asks for that would be great! In the meantime think about this, is a wharepuni used to store food?

    Thank you for sharing, I hope you are enjoying your holidays.

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i,